Since the establishment of The West Midlands RJ Service Project in 2015 the Service continues to go from strength to strength. What started as a twelve month project is now in its third year, the service has made a phenomenal difference to victims of crime in terms of reducing demand and re-offending.

Where are we now

The project continues to empower victims, giving them resolution and closure to long standing crime and anti-social behaviour issues. In 2016 we received over 800 referrals, our service currently measures customer satisfaction, which indicates a 95% satisfaction rate, from victims who have attended conference. To download our referral form for agencies and partners please click the document icon:

So far so good…

Referrals since 2015

Individuals have accessed the service

RJ conferences have taken place

Direct cases involving at least one victim and one offender

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Restorative Justice West Midlands BCU Report

“When I looked my victim in the eye I knew that I would never make anyone feel like that again.”


“I’ve done victim awareness courses before and thought I understood – I didn’t. RJ has opened my eyes to the pain I have caused.”


“Meeting the man who killed my son was the second most life changing day of my life. I came away with a new strength.”

Victim of homicide

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You can make a referral to us at any time both online and over the phone. To access the Restorative Justice Service, click below to get in touch.