Police and Partners

The Ministry of Justice announced that RJ should be accessible to ALL victims; an opportunity to build and strengthen working relationships, across a wide range of statutory, voluntary and community based organizations, to achieve positive outcomes and impact.

In order to achieve this The West Midlands RJ Service works in partnership with various agencies to ensure multi-agency approach.

We currently work with:

Registered Social Landlords

Working with approximately 28 social landlords, housing staff are able to conduct restorative justice conferences where the problems impact the victim, offender and the wider community.


Pioneer Housing

Pioneer deliver community-driven solutions around housing provision and support services to help communities respond positively to challenging and changing environments.

W: www.pioneergroup.org.uk
T: 0121 7488 100
E: contactus@pioneergroup.org.uk



Birmingham Social Housing Partnership (BSHP) is a partnership of housing associations – often referred to as Registered Providers – they work together to improve and influence how housing is delivered in Birmingham. They help meet local priorities in the most deprived areas of Birmingham, but most importantly they contribute to improving residents’ lives.

W: www.birminghamshp.co.uk
E: bshp.birmingham@mail.com


Criminal Justice Department

This internal department deals with bringing offenders to justice so the RJ team works closely with them to ensure that we are maximising RJ opportunities through internal departments. This is through the PIP Team, Investigations Team and IOM.

W: www.cps.gov.uk 


West Midlands Police

On receiving a report of a crime or non-crime incident, if and when appropriate the Police with consider utilising RJ as a resolution and refer into the RJ service directly.

W: www.west-midlands.police.uk
E: wmp@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk


Victim Support/Services

By offering support and signposting if no other options are viable and the problem continues; to ensure the highest of support for victim care, cope and recover agenda, aligned with The Victims Code.

W: www.victimsupport.org.uk
T: 08 08 16 89 111


Birmingham City Council/Environmental Health

Work is undertaken to work with the housing stock controlled by the local authority, offering RJ as an alternative to resolving long term issues

W: www.birmingham.gov.uk



RJ has been used between individuals at school and has been welcomed by everyone involved as they can see the benefit of it. Our RJ service has been a great help for the many schools across Birmingham, we now receive referrals from various schools within Birmingham most notably in the West and Central areas. We are able to use RJ as a tool to prevent young people being criminalised unnecessarily with appropriate interventions also taking place.

  • Our service has taken the lead on many RJ conferences in secondary schools, cases such as serious assault and bullying have all been referred to RJ.
  • We currently give presentations to schools to highlighting the benefits of RJ and how it can be used within young people’s everyday lives.
  • Working with West Midlands Police we also attended Schools panel meetings to promote RJ as a way of dealing with youth crime.

W: https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/schools-directory


Dery foundation

Community led Somali foundation around mental health, this supports with wider community issues and helps to break language/cultural barriers.

W: www.deryfoundation.co.uk
T: 0780 497 3339



Working with females, who may be victims of crime and/or offenders. A joint working relationship to offer the best support to make positive changes; practical, mental, emotional and behavioural. Working closely with the ‘New Chance’ project.

W: anawim.co.uk
T: 0121 440 5296


Why Me

An organization working in partnership to support RJ practices for high risk cases and working with offenders who may have been released from custody. This working is currently being developed, to ensure that we offer RJ, at all stages of the Criminal Justice process.

W: www.why-me.org
T: 020 3096 7708


Transport for West Midlands and British Transport Police

Using RJ for offences committed on Public Transport, this has shown excellent results for both young people and crimes of public disorder.

W: www.btp.police.uk
T: 0800 40 50 40


West Midlands Reducing Reoffending Steering Group

A forum of statutory agencies who meet quarterly to update and share the main elements of practice and resources, which can contribute towards reducing reoffending for offenders and supporting the cope and recover agenda for victims.

West Midlands Reducing Reoffending Steering Group Presentation

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