History & Background

As a response to a high number of “revolving door” case and increasing neighbour disputes including noise nuisance, verbal abuse, anti-social behaviour and a high rate of dissatisfaction with case handling by the Police and housing services. In 2014 the Restorative Justice Service was formed, the project started as collaboration between Midland Heart and West Midland Police, working from the Lozzells and East Handsworth area of Birmingham.

The collaboration was then joined by Castle Vale with funding from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) through funds for RJ allocated by the Ministry of Justice. These funds also enabled the project was to expand to the North of the City. The service is now a joint collaboration between WMP, Remedi & The Pioneer Group.

The West Midlands RJ Hub works with numerous partners both internally and externally.  This includes working with the voluntary sector, other law enforcement agencies and the local authority.  This network allows RJ to be accessible to everyone and using the partnerships team if there are any barriers then these can be worked through swiftly. It is highly beneficial to work in a department which faces challenges but more importantly one which allows for new connections to be made, longer term problem solving to be enabled and everyone working together to keep communities safe. Leading the way is a dedicated team who are passionate about RJ and its potential; they are available to assist with any enquiries and are open to suggestions with how the service can be improved.

The Restorative Justice Project

The West Midlands RJ Service is an innovative project which seeks to resolve both complex and simple neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour issues. Working in accordance with victim’s code, the project aims to bring those that have been hurt by conflict together in hopes of finding away to move forward, this is done by a process called Restorative Justice (RJ). The process of Restorative Justice gives participants a chance to understand the impact of their actions and to do something to repair the harm they have caused. Restorative Justice focuses on long term sustainable solutions to anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes, Crime (inc Hate Crime), Noise Nuisance, School Incidents, Bullying, Offender Management and Community Initiatives.

The process allows victims to be fully involved in process and also avoids putting offenders through the criminal justice system. This in turn, is making a positive impact on community safety, innovative methods and interventions and supporting the recovery and repair of harm, for victims, families, children, young people and vulnerable adults. We have a specialised team, who are dedicated and highly skilled to manage cases and work with people, in order to promote safer communities, public protection and harm reduction.

How It Works

“I just wanted to explain what being burgled meant to me and my family.”

Chris, victim of burglary

“It just feels like I got my life back. I’ve been scared to go out ever since it happened and that’s gone.”

Clare, victim of assult

“Every victim of every crime should get the chance to choose if RJ is something you want.”

Cathy, victim of arson

Access this Service

You can make a referral to us at any time both online and over the phone. To access the Restorative Justice Service, click below to get in touch.