Jo Pritchard

I have been a police officer for nearly 20 years, and have worked in a number of roles, but mainly across Neighbourhood and offender management. I first became interested in RJ over 10 years ago and initially used it as a tool in schools, but later pushed for it as an option for out of court disposals when community resolutions were first developed.

I saw the benefits it had in conflict resolution, allowing the harmed to have their say and involvement in the outcomes and the harmers to have the opportunity to make things right. It really does work for all involved and allows everyone to move forward, which the Criminal Justice system doesn’t always help with.

I am committed to delivering restorative justice and improving victim satisfaction, through being a dedicated RJ facilitator and also through raising awareness and training others to use RJ effectively. I am excited to have joined such a positive, kind and friendly team that all have the same goal; to help make a difference to the community of the West Midlands.