Inspector Imran Mirza

Inspector Mirza leads the pan Birmingham partnership team under the portfolio of preventative, problem solving and demand management and has responsibility for.

  • Licensing for Birmingham
  • Design Out Crime Team for the force (crime prevention)
  • Crime and ASB team
  • Restorative Justice team.

Inspector Mirza is also leading on some work supporting the West Midland’s Violence Prevention Alliance which has a number of projects some of which can be intrinsically linked to the world of RJ.

In addition to this there is some academic research being conducted around hate crime with Birmingham University with an emphasis on using RJ to resolve hate crime issues as this is about long term problem solving and having positive outcomes which change a person’s perspective and behaviour to influence others.

Inspector Mirza has aspirations to link RJ with all areas of business, there is real opportunity in working with hard to reach groups from different religions, faiths and nationalities, there is also great potential in using RJ in schools and empowering young people. The possibilities are endless and this project hopes to unlock some of the barriers to making RJ accessible for all and truly help victim satisfaction.

All organisations are welcome to submit any suggestions around how we can incorporate your work into RJ such as victim support, referrals to other pathways for instance mentoring and coaching and so on.

Restorative Justice is not just about having a conversation, it’s more than that and together we can really make a difference.